Hipcal gets acquired by Plaxo!

HipCal officeI’ve been meaning to start up tawheedkader.com for a good 4 years now. I figured today would be a better day than any to finally bring this site online! Why today you ask?

The official announcement was finally made today! While a lot of the members of the team just wanted to blurt out at any given family function how we actually have jobs and aren’t just some crazy frat boys working on a site called MyPIMP, we just couldn’t until today!

Anyway, after many nights of PHP coding, listening to Pete sing songs about my Bangladeshi-ness to the tune of his guitar and listening to Garret complain about how crazy of an idea Daylight Savings Time is, we’ve come to a point that confirms to the five of us that we’re not crazy after all. Then again, maybe we are, and maybe that’s why HipCal became so successful in such a short period of time.

Another HipCal Office pic Either way, long story made short, HipCal has officially been acquired by Plaxo. We’re teaming up to create the next awesome web calendar. You can read more about the HipCal acquisition from the articles below:

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