Tout integrates with Highrise

Although I use Tout to send out my customer development emails, but bulk of my relationships are managed in Highrise (the awesome CRM software by 37Signals).

Today, I spent an hour integrating Tout into Highrise so that the people I pitch to are automatically added to my Highrise address book.

Tout Highrise Integration

That wasn’t enough for me though, so I also integrated all the website-like analytics that Tout tracks for my pitches. Now, as events are tracked, they also automatically get added as Notes under the Highrise contact.

Tout Events Integration

Tout + Highrise has made an awesome secret weapon for my customer development and PR efforts both for Tout itself and for Braintrust.io

  • Hi – really liking the concept of Tout with Highrise, but I´m having some probs loading my Highrise database into Tout. can you assist?

  • Sure thing Russell – I’ll shoot you an email so we can coordinate.