We are moving to San Francisco

It started about two months ago. Mahrin and I sat down and reflected on our life and career goals. Then, I sat down and reflected on my goals for Tout. Finally, it ended in a simple Facebook update a few weeks ago, slowly letting our Friends and more importantly Family know: We are moving to San Francisco.

Now, this isn’t going to be one of those deeply reflective and analytical posts about how I came about this decision. There isn’t much more to it than “it just felt right.” It actually has very little to do with the ongoing Silicon Valley vs. New York debate (which I hate). In fact, I truly believe location has very little to do with how successful a company is, in fact I think it has more to do with how the location makes the Entrepreneur and Team feel.

Simply put, I just felt more at peace in San Francisco while building Tout. And so, I’m going to be spending the last three weeks of October in New York, making sure our extremely valued NY Sales Team can continue to function with me in SF, saying goodbye to our dear family and friends (whom I’ve known for 18 years of living in New York, and Mahrin has known through the ~3 years we’ve been married), and enjoying as much of my Mom’s home cooking as possible. And then, Mahrin and I will be buying a one-way ticket and flying to San Francisco.

Consider this our way of staying hungry and being foolish.