5 years of ToutApp; 10 years of TawheedKader.com

5 years ago, I signed the incorporation papers for ToutApp, Inc. Through the twists and turns on the road, and through the lessons learned, I’ve been consistently chronicling my journey on this blog through yearly reflections, principles developed, and lessons learned. Here’s an excerpt of my blog post from five years ago as I kicked off as part of Batch #2 in 500Startups:

And so, about a month ago, I packed up my bags, said goodbye to my (then) wife, my family and my close friends and headed out West (again). It was a little rocky at first, but after 2 hotel beds, 1 miserably failed CraigsList sublet experience, 1AirBnB bed, and 1 couch, and about 1,000 miles on my rented Toyota Yaris, I finally set up an apartment, moved into the 500 office, closed out my Advisory Round, and started to build out my Team.

10 years ago also in this same month, I started this blog so that I could announce the acquisition of the first startup I helped co-found called HipCal. Here’s an excerpt from that first post:

Anyway, after many nights of PHP coding, listening to Pete sing songs about my Bangladeshi-ness to the tune of his guitar and listening to Garret complain about how crazy of an idea Daylight Savings Time is, we’ve come to a point that confirms to the five of us that we’re not crazy after all. Then again, maybe we are, and maybe that’s why HipCal became so successful in such a short period of time.

To commemorate this day, I took some time to curate the best articles and my yearly reflections into a cohesive homepage. Out of the 140+ posts I’ve written, I’ve picked out the very best and laid it out for entrepreneurial and growth minded people to read and learn from. I hope you find some value from it. You can check it out here.