Today, I am going to be talking about how to measure success in life.

So you get good at doing the right things and accomplishing your goals.

But what happens when you “work hard” — “when you do all the right things” and when you hit “success” but you still don’t feel successful?

In my life, succeeding isn’t good enough, I want to be feeling fulfilled, I want to know that I’ve had impact, there’s this beast inside of me that needs to feel “HECK YEAH. WE DID SOMETHING THAT MATTERED”

The thing is, when it comes to becoming unstoppable and feeling fulfilled, there are three components to the puzzle:

1. Setting the right goal and vision for yourself
2. Executing on it
3. Celebrating the small and big wins along the way (before you move the goal post)

Often times in life, we don’t put much thought into setting the right vision and goal and we get right into doing.

For true fulfillment, you need to make sure you pay special attention to all three.