And so from a very early age, I had this mental goal that I just want to GRIND IT HARD through my early years, bank as much cash as possible, get as many skills as possible, do WHATEVER was necessary, so that in my 30s, I could get to doing WHATEVER I WANT

This episode is not about how to do that.

Over the last 9 years, I’ve started and sold my own company, I helped sell the company that bought it, and I’ve gotten to hitting my goal.

I quit my job last week, and I’m taking complete down time to do WHATEVER I WANT.

I made a pact with some friends that I wouldn’t start any new companies, I wouldn’t jump into a new project or job, and I wouldn’t just keep working on stuff.

I’d go and enjoy. And have downtime. And go explore the world.

Maybe even put myself out there outside of my home city and find the love of my life!

The problem is, I can’t.

I just can’t sleep in.

I can’t just lay on a beach.

I can’t just turn it off.

I feel like a retired bank robber and there are banks everywhere and I just want to go on ONE MORE HEIST.