On this Sunday’s episode, I show exactly how I live a proactive life…

I’m on a mission this year to help 1,000 people live a more proactive life.

Last year, about 1,000 people downloaded our Proactive Life Planning Guide.

This year, as we launched the new version, nearly 1,200 people have downloaded it in the LAST WEEK alone!

So as many of you are going through the five steps to get more proactive in your life, I thought that on THIS Unstoppable Sunday, it’d be cool to show you:

1) How I made the decision to live a more proactive life nearly 10 years ago

2) What I’ve manifested into my life because of this

3) ….AND if you follow the steps in our guide, what the END RESULT looks like…

I’ll give you a glimpse into my own 6-year plan, my own 365-day calendar, and my own Unstoppable Sunday document.