On this Sunday’s episode, I talk about what to do when you feel STUCK…

Both in my life and in my company, there were moments, where I felt stuck.

I was ashamed of the goals that I said I’d accomplish, and the lack of progress I had made on them.

No matter how motivated you are, and no matter how EXCITING the goal is, and no matter HOW PUMPED YOU ARE about celebrating with your team when you crush that goal… Sometimes… we just get stuck.

Whenever I started to feel stuck. Whenever I felt my team was hitting a rut.

Whenever I felt like we weren’t running in peak performance.

I started using this one TOOL to get everyone mobilized.

Due to the overwhelming response I got from all of you about the idea of an Unstoppable Beast Mode Challenge, I go in depth on how it works and why on this episode — and how you can use it too if you ever feel stuck…