On today’s Unstoppable Sunday… let’s talk about your wildest dreams.

On the last few episodes of Unstoppable Sunday, I focused on topics that helps people get aligned with their current life circumstances.

We talked about practicing Unstoppable Sundays — to help you avoid the Sunday scaries.

We talked about getting proactive about the year to avoid burnout.

And we even talked about steps you can take to get out of a bad situation if you’re feeling sad, depressed, or burnt out.

I got to a point this week where I was like “damn…. we’re talking about a lot of heavy stuff…”

Let’s talk about some fun stuff for a change.

So, for today’s Unstoppable Sunday episode and for the next few, I want to talk about our goals and dreams.

As you start to get a hold of your next 7 days by practicing Unstoppable Sundays, as you get proactive about your 365-days by planning out your year  — you’ll finally get to a point where you ask yourself — who do I want to be 1,000 days from now?

5-years from now, what is the vision for myself?

On today’s episode, I talk about the idea of DREAMERS vs. DO-ERS.

We’ve all got dreams. We’ve all got goals.

But there’s this gap we all encounter right after we realize we want something and right before we take the action to go get it.

And even when we do take action, we aren’t always successful.

What is the thing that separates the DO-ers from the Dreamers?

What separates the ones who achieve their dreams and those who stay stuck wondering “What If?”.

On today’s Unstoppable Sunday, I talk about the TWO key elements you need to make your dream into a reality. TWO key things that captains of industry, wildly successful people, and people from our Unstoppable community all learned how to unlock.

On today’s episode, I will teach you why you are not taking action for your biggest dreams– and how you can change that.