Every successful person I’ve ever met in my life has had this ONE trait that I’m now obsessed with.

They learned to take a PROACTIVE approach to their lives instead of a REACTIVE approach.

If you’ve been part of our community for some time, you’ve heard me talk about being PROACTIVE a LOT.

When I first came across this concept of being proactive, it felt a little ambiguous and unapproachable — But what does it really mean?

And how do you start to become proactive quickly?

And so on today’s episode… I’ll give you the THREE steps you can take to shift from a REACTIVE mindset to a PROACTIVE mindset

Hint: they’re WAY easier than you think.

Also, if you watch till the end, I’ll also give you one BONUS strategy that I’ve used consistently to be proactive EVERY day.

Three of the four steps can be put into action within minutes and can make a dramatic difference in how you approach you life.