On last week’s episode, I gave you an overview of how an Ideal Customer Profile is one of the most powerful growth tools for your business.

In addition to giving you an overview of how it works, I also walked you through the three most misunderstood things about building one.

In case you missed it, you can check it out by following this week’s link.

On this week’s episode, I walk you through step by step on how to actually DEFINE your Ideal Customer Profile.

First, I’ll go through all the basics: Firmographics, Demographics, Technographics, Psychographics… the stuff you probably know about.

But then I’ll walk you through the TWO lesser known attributes that you can ICP that can truly make it unstoppable.

We used these two secrets at ToutApp (my company) and then also at Marketo (the company that bought mine).

In both cases, our ICP helped us accelerate our growth.

We sold ToutApp to Marketo after taking it from $0 to $7m. And we sold Marketo to Adobe for $4.75bn after a 2-year transformation.

WHEN you take the time to build and ICP out, you can accelerate the growth of your business.

Even if you have an ICP, you won’t want to miss this week’s episode, because chances are you aren’t using the TWO secret attributes.