Over the last two episodes, I talked about how you can build an Unstoppable Sales Funnel and a Broadway Show to increase the number of customer conversations.

When you increase the number of customer conversations, you then are able to ship better code, and close bigger deals. This accelerates your path to your next stage of growth. Yes it’s that simple. But remember, simple isn’t easy.

I received a lot of questions after the last two episodes and started to see some patterns…

>> how do I identify the right macro trend to shape my manifesto?

>> how do I engage with the people who are downloading my manifesto?

>> how do I actually drive to more customer conversations?

So on this Unstoppable Sunday… I show you the THREE growth tools that I use consistently to “run” this Unstoppable Sales Funnel.

Having used this method numerous times over the past decade, I also go into why they work and how they help you ship code, close deals, and accelerate your path to the next stage of growth.