I’m in Singapore this week mentoring 10 startups on building out an unstoppable growth strategy.

While I was doing some research on my presentation, I came across this staggering set of statistics on seed stage companies:

  1. 70% of startups raising a Series A are making revenue (this used to be 15% back in 2010)
  2. The survival rate from Seed to Series A is less than 4%

I don’t know about you, but I was blown away. I talk about the “dead zone” for seed stage companies in my strategy guide and webinars.

But I didn’t know it was FOUR PERCENT bad.

This begs the question… how do you break free?

How do you become one of the startups that ships code, closes deals, and gets to product market fit so you can get to that next stage?

On today’s Unstoppable episode, I walk you through my ultimate growth hack. It’s called the Broadway Show.

It builds on my last episode of building an Unstoppable Sales Funnel.

…and in 5 easy steps, I’ll show you how you can mobilize that funnel to get traction.