Having started ToutApp and taking it from $0 to $7m ARR and then selling it to Marketo…

Having had first row seats as SVP of Strategy in Marketo’s turnaround where we drove growth, EBITDA, and then sold it to Adobe for $4.75bn.

I often get the question….

“TK, if you were to start a SaaS business today… how would you go about it?!”

In today’s episode, I walk you through the EXACT steps I’d take if I were to launch a SaaS business today.

Specifically, I’ll walk you through my 3 core principles that I’d follow to build a SaaS business

(based on everything I’ve learned in my ToutApp journey and my Marketo journey)

…so that you can increase your chances to get to product market fit, traction, and the next stage of growth.

If you’re looking to drive your business to the next stage of growth, you won’t want to miss these three strategies I share.