There’s this long held belief I had in Marketing and at a time like this, I’m realizing it is more true than ever.

In Marketing, and in serving your current and future clients, TEACHING trumps everything.

I was on a chat with a Startup Founder the other day and he was telling me about deals getting pushed.

And he was telling me about his pipeline evaporating.

He also saw an uptick in churn.

His product was uniquely positioned for the good times, but was borderline Vitamin instead of Pain Killer at times like this.

What’d I tell him to do?

I told him to get on the horn and start teaching.

There’s a unique set of challenges that his potential client now faces. Get on a webinar, get on a video, get on the email, and TEACH.

And this will build trust, create value, and it will allow you to reframe your product into the customer’s mind and how they can use it.

The thing was… his product is more valuable now than ever. But he had to TEACH his clients how and why.

TEACHING is the best form of Marketing,

On today’s Unstoppable Sunday episode, I teach you this ONE secret to content marketing (teaching).

But how do you do it?

I explain the three strategies I’ve consistently used in Content Marketing to OUT-TEACH the competition.