One of the questions I get often is “Am I too old to start a SaaS business?”

I’ve got some shocking news for you (at least it was shocking to me):

  • The average age of a successful venture backed entrepreneur is 45 (according to a HBR study)
  • The HBR study continued to verify that older entrepreneurs are statistically more likely to succeed!
  • Some of the most successful SaaS businesses were started by Founders in their mid-30s and early 40s.

And so I dug deeper to look at my own heroes… And sure enough:

  • Marc Benioff started Salesforce at age 35
  • Mikkel Svane started Zendesk at age 35
  • Stewart Butterfield started Slack at age 39
  • Eric Yuan started Zoom at age 42

So on today’s Unstoppable Sunday, I talk about how to navigate a career change in your 30s or 40s…

(and the 3 steps I personally followed to navigate my own career change at 28 and then again at 37)