Some of you might know…

I’ve been working on my own SaaS product with my co-founder called

We’re taking all the principles we teach inside of SaaS School and the SaaS GTM program to grow this business.

And so we thought….

Wouldn’t it be cool to kick off a challenge to take this thing to $1M ARR?

Also… Wouldn’t it be cool if we give a play by play behind the scenes on how we are building this business?

And… that’s how Unstoppable Friday was born.

We’re now adding a 3rd episode every week, except this is a totally different format.

We do very little editing.

There’s no index cards (I know, this was controversial)…

There’s not (3 things)…

On Fridays, it’s a behind the scene screen-share or whiteboard as we build our own SaaS business and take it to $1M ARR.

I’m really excited about this. And I think you’ll love it too.