Every single time I get brought in to help accelerate the growth of a SaaS business, the first question I ask is, “what is your ideal customer profile?”

When I was initially getting ToutApp off the ground, you know the ONE thing that helped us move forward? ICP.

The year we went from $1m to $3m ARR (yes in 12 months), want to know the ONE thing that helped us drive growth? Our ICP.

When Marketo was bought by Vista and we did our two-year transformation and then sold it to Adobe for $4.75b. Want to know one of the key things that set the strategy? Yep you guessed it. ICP.

The Ideal Customer Profile can look like a crayon or a toy for babies to a SaaS Founder with a product and revenues.

But it’s actually one of the most powerful tools at your disposal to drive growth.

Watch this video to know how to implement it properly.