LinkedIN is the *most* important place today for a B2B SaaS Founder.

One of the things I teach inside my SaaS GTM program is how to get the attention of your ICP to drive growth.

Now… there are the standard things you can do to drive attention (and convert it to revenue):

– You can write a blog post

– You can do “content marketing”

– You can run ADs

– And you can even start a Youtube channel!

All of those things are great ways to get attention…


They’re crowded.

4,000 blog posts are published every minute.

300 hours of Youtube content is uploaded every minute. That’s HOURS!

And AD costs are higher than ever.

So… in the early stages… how do you get the attention of your ICP?

This is where LinkedIn comes in…

On today’s GTM episode, I talk about WHY & HOW you can dominate on LinkedIn today…