Category Kings.

Market Leaders.

Being up and to the right of the Gartner magic quadrant.

What do all these things have in common?

They’re the championship rings in the SaaS industry.

The most recent Gartner report for CRM Lead Management placed Marketo (Adobe now) as #1 ahead of Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, and Hubspot.

When you’re the category king, when you’re the market leader, when you’re the Magic Quadrant Leader, you get a 10X premium on everything.

You get a 10x premium on valuations. You get a 10X premium on deals. You even get a 10X premium on exits.

Here’s the big question though.

How do you become #1?

Becoming #1 isn’t just about having the best product, it isn’t just about sales & marketing.

In fact, becoming a Market Leader requires you to specifically design the niche that you aim to be #1 in.

And on today’s Unstoppable Sunday episode…

I’m going to walk you through the THREE principles you need to be #1 (so you can become the Market Leader in YOUR category).