Branding, especially in early stage startups, used to be a dumb thing.

“A pretty brand won’t get you leads” — everyone used to sneer.

Well… turns out that’s not true.

A few startups took branding just as seriously as building a quality product — and everything changed.

Great branding commanded higher valuations.

Great branding allowed you to win more deals.

Great branding built unparalleled customer loyalty.

But how do you build a great startup branding strategy?

How do you do it in a way so it is accretive to your Go-To-Market machine?

Having built multiple mini brands (ToutApp, Unstoppable) and having worked at one of the most notable MarTech brands (Marketo)…

In today’s Unstoppable Sunday episode, I’m going to give you the 5 key principles to building a GREAT startup branding strategy around your startup.