Hire TK to Speak

TK speaks at conferences to inspire Entrepreneurs and Business Executives to have belief and optimism so that they can become unstoppable. His talks are inspiring, high energy, and action oriented so that his audience can get fired up and take action.

See below for popular keynote topics and how to get in touch.

Key Audiences

  1. CMOs and CROs: TK is a thought leader in the Sales and Marketing space. He speaks about the 5 Key Emerging Trends in Sales and Marketing and how Sales/MarTech stacks are reshaping the future of the craft.
  2. Founders/CEOs/Entrepreneurs: TK has started companies from scratch, raised venture capital, and scaled businesses to millions in revenue. He speaks about Starting from 0,
    building teams, scaling, and the resilience needed to be a business builder.
  3. Creatives: Above all, TK is happiest when he is creating. As someone that can code,
    use Photoshop and even Premiere,
    he talks about the courage needed to quit your six-figure job and pursue artistic pursuits and go out on your own.