Invite Me to Speak

I absolutely love sharing what I’ve learned; if that means getting in front of an audience then even better! While I’ve primarily used this blog to share my lessons learned, principles and knowledge, over the past year and a half, I’ve also started to branch out to speaking at conferences to make a bigger impact.

There are a few key topics that I absolutely love speaking about:

  • The Future of Sales and Marketing
  • Personal Growth, There’s so much to talk about right at the intersection of personal growth and success in Entrepreneurship.
  • Startups, Building a startup, quitting your job, and Entrepreneurship in general
  • Marketing/Growth Hacking, and the new world order when it comes to standing out and building an audience
  • Sales, and how to go from $0 to $5m+ in ARR in a Startup, how to build a team, your initial salespeople and even hiring sales leaders
  • Product and Product Design, and all the little lessons we learned here at ToutApp while scaling to tens of thousands of passionate B2B users
  • Culture. As we’ve started to scale ToutApp, I’ve come to realize how important of a rule culture plays in the ability for a company to go from a few employees to scale

My Presentation Style

The best way to describe my communication style is “passionate storytelling.” I don’t like to be dogmatic on stage, I don’t like long bulleted powerpoint slides. I like to tell real stories, share real experiences, and then distill it down to lessons learned so that people walk out of your event with powerful and actionable insights in how they can take their lives and their business to the next level.

Get In Touch With Me

As long as the speaking opportunities are in line with my personal goals to teach others how to win and for companies to build better sales and marketing machines, I do not charge a fee for speaking. If you think I’d be a great fit for your event, please reach out to me at and put “Speaking Opportunity” in the subject line.