TK's Legion is a Community of Like-Minded High Achievers Who Are Scaling Their Personal Life and Their business with an Unstoppable strategy.

Payment Plans Available
  • Group Coaching with LIVE Sunday Calls with TK to get unstuck, manage for burnout, and accelerate your life to accomplish your wildest goals.
  • The Unstoppable Sunday Practice that guides you through pausing & reflecting, practicing gratitude, prioritizing what's important so that you to go into every Monday with an unstoppable plan.
  • The Unstoppable Life Masterclass that will help you learn and adopt the system TK has developed over the past 10 years to drive for high performance while managing for burnout.
Unstoppable Startup

  • Scale your startup with an Unstoppable strategy using the same principles TK has used and perfected over the past decade.
  • ​​Clarify and enhance your target market and ideal customer profile to solidify your market strategy.
  • ​Minimize the Clicks to A-HA moment to establish a winning product strategy.
  • Build and Run Your GTM Machine with a Strategic Narrative so that you can Ship Code, Close Deals, and accelerate your path to product market fit and the next stage of growth.
  • ​Group Zoom Calls held weekly filled with other like minded startup founders with Live Q&A and Hotseats.
  • ​Email Support by TK and team to ensure you're fully supported.
Valued At $497- Yours FREE
Scale your personal life as you scale your business. As part of your membership, we'll include the Life Masterclass for Free.
Rather Work With Me 1on1?
I realize that there are small handful of Founders at fast growth startups that want to fast forward through the self-paced learning and discovery process. If you'd like to chat about what working with me personally looks like, I'd like to invite you to book a short but important strategy call by clicking below to see if there might be a fit. 
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Frequently Asked Questions
Establish habits that manages for entrepreneur burnout 
Figure out where you are. Plan your week. Punch the Sunday Jitters, anxiety and stress in the face. Best of all, you don't have to do it alone. We'll guide you through it.
Gain clarity into your Life's Mission, Vision and Goals
We believe that a business owner with clarity in their mission, vision and goals will create a better business. Our guided process helps you gain clarity and codify your plan.
Learn to execute on your plans with focus and accountability
A plan on paper is nothing without execution. We'll teach you how to do 45-Day challenges with action plans to drive execution and accountability while managing for burnout.

Group Zoom Call

We host 2 LIVE Group Zoom Calls every week where we'll help guide you through the Life Accelerator process.

Text Messages

Low tech as it may be. Our team will text you through key parts of the week to ensure you stay on track with the Life Acceleration process.

Weekly Planning

We teach you a specific way to plan every week so you go into Monday with an unstoppable plan.

Life Planning Workbook

Planning your life doesn't have to be an overwhelming exercise. Instead of starting at a blank piece of paper that asks "What do I want in life?" -- TK's International Best Selling book will walk you through step-by-step on identifying your WHY, defining your North Star, and creating a proactive plan for your life

Life Planning Masterclass

You'll also receive access to a 3-part video masterclass that accompanies the workbook and guides you through the process seamlessly.

45-Day Beast Mode Challenges

Armed with a clear life plan, a prioritized calendar, and an anxiety-free week, we'll then show you how to change the trajectory of your life and execute on your life plan one with 45-day focus challenges.

365-Day Unstoppable Calendar

There's your normal calendar where everyone else's priorities are set as yours. And then there's your 365-day Unstoppable Calendar which helps you identify and prioritize your life the way you want to. We'll set you up with the template TK has used for years of unparalleled productivity to take control of the next 365-days of your life.
Limited Time Bonuses
Valued At $3,243 - Yours FREE
Take action before the timer on screen expires and you'll also recieve...
FREE Unstoppable Life Masterclass
As a congratulations for taking fast action, you'll also get the powerful Unstoppable Life Masterclass completely FREE that covers a simple ritual allowed me to consistently check in on my goals, check in on my progress, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, it allowed me to course correct. If you feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day for you, for your loved ones, and for your work. If you’re feeling constantly behind. Then this 5-step guide I created to help you get plan out your life and get PROACTIVE is for you.
A 30-Minute 1-on-1
On-Boarding Call
Armed with a clear life plan, a prioritized calendar, and an anxiety-free week, we'll then show you how to change the trajectory of your life and execute on your life plan one with 45-day focus challenges.
Two 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions With TK Kader 
VALUED AT $2,449
Everyone needs a strategy in their life and business. Yours needs to be unstoppable. As part of the Life Accelerator, you'll also receive two 45-minute strategy sessions with me, TK. Best spaced out over the course of your 12-month subscription and after you've created the first version of your Life Plan. You can use these sessions to talk about your Life or Business strategy.
Curated and Early Access to Unstoppable Content
We release new content every Unstoppable Sunday to help everyone in our community lead more proactive lives. As an Unstoppable Insider, you'll get curated and early access to Unstoppable content so you can continue to hone your craft and become the best version of yourself.
My "No-Brainer" Guarantee
On the fence whether this program is actually going to help? I don't blame you... There's huge queue of 'gurus' out there selling snake oil. Which is exactly why MORE than happy to put my money where my mouth is. To help make this an absolute 'no brainer' for you - I'm also adding a moneyback (and then some) guarantee.

Meaning that if at ANY stage of your first month inside the program, you decide it isn't for you, just let me know and not ONLY will I instantly refund your money, I'll even Venmo you $100 for a nice dinner JUST so you experience with me was a profitable one. Sound fair?
Start Your Journey Today
The Unstoppable Legion gives you everything you need to accelerate your life & Business with a sound strategy.
About Me, TK Kader
the leader of the Unstoppable movement
Hi. I’m TK, an entrepreneur, angel investor, and best selling author. I believe you can achieve anything you want in life through belief, discipline and an unstoppable strategy.

I’ve founded two companies (one bootstrapped and one venture backed) and sold both of them. 

I've also had the privilege to work with some of the best institutions in the world across Venture Capital, Private Equity and the Hedge Fund industry, that consistently valued first principles.

I got my start at Bridgewater, the largest hedge fund in the world. At ToutApp, I raised over $20m in capital from a16z and Jackson Square, two of the best venture capital firms in the world and built it from $0 to a multi-million dollar business. And at Marketo (after selling ToutApp to them), I worked with one of the best PE firms in the world, to deliver one of the biggest and quickest SaaS transactions with its $4.75bn sale to Adobe.

I now spend my time guiding high achievers, like you, get focused and live more proactive lives based on the core principles that I learned during my entrepreneurial journey.
How to Punch the Sunday Jitters in the Face
Based on the Teachings of TK's Best Selling Book
It’s Sunday afternoon. You’re rounding out your weekend with friends and family and life is feeling great. As the hours pass through the afternoon and you start to see Monday approaching, you get that pit in your stomach. Call it the Sunday Scaries, the Sunday Jitters, the Sunday Angst or the Sunday existential “What am I even doing with my life?!” -- We’ve all been there.

TK lived his life trying to escape the Sunday jitters, dreading Mondays, and holding my breath through the week just counting down to weekends for all too long until he said enough is enough. He learned (almost too late) in his life that taking a proactive approach to his days led to a calmer him. A less frantic me. 
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