When I was starting my company ToutApp, I had no network, no “brand” behind me, and I wasn’t from Stanford, MIT, or Harvard.


I was able to raise venture capital from the best of them

They included Andreessen Horowitz, Jackson Square Ventures, Launch Fund, Founder Collective, and many notable angel investors.

Now that I’m an Angel Investor, and having run M&A at Marketo — I got to sit on the other side of the table and listen to startup pitches all day.

Through this journey, let’s just say I learned a thing or two about fundraising 😉

On this week’s Unstoppable Sunday, I walk you through the SIX slides you must have for your Startup Pitch Deck.

BUT, I present it to you with a twist.

I take you inside the mind of the investor and walk through the questions they’re asking in their head (their inner narrative) as you’re pitching them

And how each of the six slides aligns with what the skeptical voice in their head is saying.

Whether you’re raising money now, or plan to, this episode is a must watch to understand the inner monologue of a venture capitalist.