Have you heard about the Four Years. Go. project? I came across their video and was **a)** impressed by what they are trying to do and **b)** hit with an epiphany. This blog post is about the latter.

First, so that you have the context, here is the three-minute video explaining what they are all about.

The basic gist of which is “You can actually achieve a whole lot in FOUR YEARS” along with the usual “this may be our last chance to save the planet.”

**The video got me thinking… four years is indeed a long time, heck, I’ve achieved so much in the PAST four years, what will I be achieving in the next four? And THAT is when my epiphany hit me.**

See the thing is, I have been SO focused on getting my business off the ground, I haven’t really been thinking about a timeframe beyond this week and the next… forget four years.

Sure, I’m all about “the dream” and so is this blog, but my dream of attaining freedom and never having to worry about $$] is this idea that is in the “future” somewhere — there is no timeline associated at all. I just know that this is my best idea, and this will get me there… eventually.

However, I think that is the wrong mindset to have.

I think it is easy for entrepreneurs to get sucked down to the day to day, just trying to make sure you get that demo video out, or that landing page updated and then end up completely falling out of synch with your goals.

**I’m not proposing that you make a four year project plan and a path to get there**

However, I am proposing that you sit down and think about where you want to be in four years.

What does that feel like? What does your business look like?

Having that north star will give you perspective, and having that perspective will make you prioritize today better.

So. Where do YOU want to be in the next four years?

I have no idea, I actually need to sit down and think this one through.