Steve Jobs’ death impacted me emotionally in a way that I didn’t expect at all. To cope, I’ve been watching a ton of his videos off of Youtube.

Maybe its just to hear his voice, maybe its to extract all the “genius” I possibly can out of him while his energy is still strong in this world, or maybe because I need him now to build Tout (my startup) more than I ever have before.

Either way, these videos have been helpful for me and I thought I’d share them in one blog entry. Now that he has passed on, here is everything you can learn from Steve Jobs via the magic of Youtube.

Steve Jobs on Branding

The Apple brand is recognized across the globe, it stands right up there today with Nike and Coca Cola. However, it wasn’t always that way.

Here is Steve Jobs talking about what needs to be done to bring Apple’s broken brand to the likes of Nike.

I love this video because here, Steve talks about the essence of Branding and Marketing. He teaches us the core lesson he consistently applied to make himself a great salesman: don’t sell the product, sell the dream.

Steve Jobs on Passion and Persistence

In this short video, Steve talks about what it takes to be successful. Although what he’s saying here isn’t anything profound or original, maybe more startup founders will actually listen.

The key to success is Passion and Persistence.

If you don’t love it, you’re not going to succeed — even if you pivoted into it and your customers say they’ll pay for it — if you’re not IN it — you won’t stick to it long enough to truly succeed.

Steve on Giving a Demo

One of the things I noticed about Steve is that when it comes to giving demos, he moves at about 10 miles per hour (a.k.a. slow).

There is no feature too minute, no detail to graze over, and no person that is unimportant enough when it comes to giving a Demo.

Although we are used to seeing his presentations during Keynotes, I thought this video of Steve giving a demo of a new Apple Store is a great way to exemplify this point.

Just watch how he takes his time, starts with the overall conceptual model of the whole store and then slowly starts to go over “features and benefits” all at a 10 mph pace as if he’s talking to a five year old.

Steve on Customer Development

Thanks to Eric’s Lean Startup Movement, “Customer Development” is one of the key phrases often being used constantly.

However, I think very few people actually know what “success” looks like when you’ve truly done proper customer development and when you truly have an informed hypothesis about your target market.

In these two videos, Steve talks about the customer development they did at NeXT and lays out bit by bit how the entire company’s product development and marketing will be planned based on their learnings.

As a separate note, I’d like to reiterate another point: take a look at how much effort Steve is putting into spreading the knowledge throughout the entire company.

He’s taking the time to do this “chalktalk” and walk each and every person in the company through the thinking process he is using to make critical decisions for the company.

There’s only one other person I’ve seen do this in my career, and he was a billionaire too.

Steve on Life

I left this one for last because a) this is the best video of Steve and b) this is probably the video you’ve already seen.

In his commencement address, Steve talks about his life’s story and talks about his philosophy behind life.

Best of all, he doesn’t claim to have known all this all along, he gives this advice as a synthesis of what he’s learned so far based on his life’s journey.

If you haven’t watched this before, this is a must watch.

And that is all.

That is pretty much everything you can learn from Steve, at least via Youtube.

We’ve lost a tremendous person, but I am thankful that we live in a time (partly made possible by him) when we can spread the knowledge he imparted on the world faster than ever before.

Stay hungry, stay foolish.