When I started my first company, we bootstrapped the business. Some of the money came from selling our old textbooks.

My second startup, started as bootstrapped, but because of the scale of the idea, I went on to raise Venture Capital.

And when I did… I raised from the best of them including a16z, Founder Collective, JSV and more.

Back then, you really only had two options. Either you go at it alone… or you try to get VC dry powder.

Today… the funding environment is very different.

The demands from investors are changing too.

But the best news for you is that there are new strategies for funding that you can use to build your startup.

On a prior episode, I walked you through the three things I’d do if I were to start a SaaS business again today.

On today’s Unstoppable Sunday… I’ll walk you through the three different funding strategies I’d consider tapping into.

AND… how you can pick the BEST one for yourself and your business.

If you’re building a startup, and you’re looking at fundraising, you won’t want to miss today’s episode (and the three strategies that I share).