When you look at some of these cutting edge SaaS marketing strategies today that all the gurus tell you about, they are really remixes of the tried and true marketing and sales principles. 

This is why I love to read old school marketing books. It’s because they help you cut through the fancy, shiny stuff and get to the true principles that help you drive growth for your business.

Why is it that old school marketing principles still work the best today?

It’s because we’re still selling to the same old brain. We’re still persuaded in the same ways. 

So today, I’m walking you through three “cutting edge” SaaS marketing strategies, which are really remixes of tried and true principles of strategic marketing that have existed for 100’s of years. 

Strategies you can take and deploy today to accelerate the growth of your SaaS business.

Principle #1: Influencer Marketing

In reality, influencer marketing is nothing new. Maybe you’re tired of hearing the word or maybe you don’t truly understand what it is. Who cares?

Here is the tried and true principle you need to adopt when it comes to influencer marketing. What you need to embrace are testimonials and referrals. 

Go to your top 10, 20, or 50 customers and get testimonials, reviews, videos, and written testimonials. Then you need to mobilize them into your marketing mix.

While they are doing that you should also ask them who they would send this review or testimonial to? Are there people in your network that would get value from our product?

Referral marketing is incredibly easy to establish a system around. In fact, it’s so easy that many don’t believe in its power for nothing is that easy.

Word of mouth is powerful in driving growth. When you think of it. It’s been around for years. Influencer marketing is just a twist of that. 

Principle #2: Content Marketing

Content marketing is still the rage. It’s been the rage. It’s saturated but the tried and true version of content marketing is education marketing. 

Teach people what you know. 

What you can do in your business is either outspend the competition or out teach.

When you teach, people will trust you because you can’t fake it. You either know it or you don’t. When you start to show what you can do for them all of a sudden they will engage with you. Buy from you!

How do you teach people about the big change that you are bringing?

Are you starting to see the power in this? 

With all of these new tactics that come out; there is nothing new under the sun. At the end of the day, all these “new” marketing tactics stem from core marketing, sales, and product principles that have been tried and true for 100’s of years and work well.

People will take these and remix them to see how they fit into the modern day. Make it their own thing.

But if you as a founder, CEO, leader, or marketer can cut through that and get to the source materials and start to think about the marketing strategies that have always existed, will you start to see how you can differentiate yourself and rise above. 

Same brains. Different mediums.

Principle #3: Channel Marketing

Channel marketing is starting to become a shiny new object again. What is old is new again.

The core of channel marketing is going to larger companies that are already selling to your ideal customer and forging relationships in order to use their marketing and sales machine to sell your product.

The easiest ways to do this are:

  1. Go into a marketplace (i.e. Shopify, salesforce app exchange)
  2. Think about co-marketing, co-selling, reselling, and affiliate marketing

If you want to dig more into how to build a channel marketing strategy check out my detailed Unstoppable episode on this How to Build a SaaS Channel Go-To-Market strategy.

This is one more cutting-edge marketing strategy you can do today. Not many smart people know how to do this really well. The ones who have are starting to share this today, which is why channel marketing is resurfacing as a shiny new marketing strategy.

If you’re like, “I can totally see how these 3 things can grow my SaaS business but where do I start? How do I start?”.

If you want a proven framework to follow, this is exactly what I teach in my SaaS GTM Coaching Program.