When I was making the transition from being an engineer to an entrepreneur…

I realized that I NEEDED to embrace Sales and Marketing.

As I dug deeper into learning about Sales and Marketing…

I realized that *everything* in life, in some shape or form, is about Sales and Marketing.

Interviewing for a job? Sales and Marketing.

Trying to land a date? Sales and Marketing.

Starting a business? It’s *more* Sales and Marketing than building product!

As an engineer, marketing came relatively easy to me. I picked up the concepts fairly quickly.

But Sales? That was tougher. I hated getting on the phone. The introvert in me kicked in.

And I didn’t know how to structure the sales conversations without coming off pushy and “salesy”

Until…. I learned this 3-step framework.

On today’s Unstoppable Sunday episode, I explain the THREE things you need to do in EVERY sales call (especially in times like this):

(AND more importantly, focusing on these THREE fundamentals will help you continue to sell in times like this)