I went to Bikram Yoga today.

Yes, thats the one where you sit in an 80 degree room and do Yoga.

As I set up my mat, lay down my towel, and sat awkwardly for the instructor to start the class, I looked over to my right and saw someone laying on their mat in deep slumber completely relaxed, completely calm, waiting for the class to begin.


“You can do that?” I thought.

Quickly I realized, why of course. Why couldn’t you lay comfortably and wait instead of doing what most of us were doing —¬† sitting in some awkward uneasy position awaiting instructions.

Unfortunately, unless you’re constantly ON and constantly thinking critically, most of our decisions and designs are geared to mimic what “most others” are doing.

Rarely do we stop and say well, “How should this work?” or “What do I want?” or surely there’s a better way unless its something absolutely core.

Some think about how to be different for the big glaring things. Most don’t ever try to think differently for the smaller things.

However, companies and individuals that think critically about the smallest of things are the ones that truly innovate and make a huge impact.

Be a contrarian, not on the big things, but on the small things. Not for the sake for being a contrarian, but for the sake of finding a better way.