GTM Advisor to High Growth SaaS CEOs.

Join the Legion of Founders building incredible SaaS businesses with an unstoppable strategy.

GTM Advisor to High Growth SaaS CEOs.

Join the Legion of Founders building incredible SaaS businesses with an unstoppable strategy.

Scale your personal life. As you scale your business.

TK’s Unstoppable Life Accelerator helps startup founders clarify their mission, vision and goals, and execute with focus and certainty while managing for burnout.

Only 4% of startups graduate from seed. Build your unstoppable growth strategy.

TK’s Unstoppable SaaS GTM Program helps you create an end to end growth strategy that will help you accelerate your path to product market fit and the next stage of growth.

As an angel investor, TK invests in early stage startup founders.

We connect members to our network of Seed and Series A investors. We also help founders scale their personal life and their business to accelerate their path to product market fit.

How to Punch Sunday Jitters in the Face

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It’s Sunday afternoon. You’re rounding out your weekend with friends and family and life is feeling great. As the hours pass through the afternoon and you start to see Monday approaching, you get that pit in your stomach. Call it the Sunday Scaries, the Sunday Jitters, the Sunday Angst or the Sunday existential “What am I even doing with my life?!” — We’ve all been there.

TK lived his life trying to escape the Sunday jitters, dreading Mondays, and holding his breath through the week just counting down to weekends for all too long until he said enough is enough. He learned (almost too late) in his life that taking a proactive approach to his days led to a calmer him. A less frantic him.

About TK Kader

TK Kader is an entrepreneur, international best-selling author, and angel investor. He believes that you can achieve anything through belief, discipline and an unstoppable strategy.

TK worked at Bridgewater Associates (one of the best hedge funds in the world). He then founded ToutApp (backed by Andreessen Horowitz and Jackson Square, two of the best venture capital firms in the world). TK sold ToutApp sold to Marketo (then owned by Vista Equity Partners, one of the best private equity firms in the world) and was part of the executive team at Marketo that helped drive its transformation and eventual $4.75bn sale to Adobe. TK now leads the Unstoppable movement to help people lead more proactive lives.

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